Money Never Sleeps : The Sounds Of Officewave - MiniDisc

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Liberated from the vaults of Officewave corp, these were items destined for their brokers. Music designed to help them power through the day, making big deals. We've found them over 30 years later and are now offering them to you*

13 Officewave tracks from the founders of the genre.

You will be emailed a code for the digital download with every purchase.

If you want to a digital version, you can get it from the Officewave Bandcamp page:

Full video playing all the tracks is here:

That this is a low run release, of the highest quality, it has "future collectable" written all over it...

Single Speed, digitally duplicated, on Sony Premium MDs with Type R encoding.



  1. Sandor Gavin - Quid Pro Quo (Hold My Calls)
  2. YATTE - Saturday's Girl
  3. MicroMatscenes - A $1000 Suit
  4. Jetfire Prime - Tan Lines? I Live For Deadlines
  5. Luck Dragon - Revision
  6. Club Classic - Client Connection
  7. Johnny Mayhem - Lunchtime is Crunchtime
  8. Karl Vincent - Main Street
  9. Sellorekt / LA Dreams - The Bottom Line
  10. Bart Graft - Seven Series
  11. M.K. Khan - Diamond Ocean Strategy
  12. Perceptor - Business Flight Delight
  13. Steve Arrows - Night Dreams Of A Broker

*This is marketing spiel, these are brand new.