Retro Nouveau Vol 2 - MiniDisc

The second volume in these Synth-Pop spectaculars!

10 modern Synth-Pop hits, that will be the soundtrack to your autumn.

If you like 80s tunes, you're going to love these brand new ones.

Full video playing all the tracks is here:

That this is a low run release, of the highest quality, it has "future collectable" written all over it...

SP - Type R


  1. Horizons 1982 & Sidera One - On A Day in 1984
  2. Mo Exotic - Trauma Bond
  3. 2DCAT - I Don't Want you Back
  4. Male Tears - Good in the Dark
  5. Neilio & ELYXIR - Mother Mania
  6. Electrospectre - A Different kind of Love
  7. Covered In Snow - Glasgow Smile
  8. Star Madman - Open Eyes
  9. MicroMatscenes - A Different Game
  10. Sleepless Nights & Sandor Gavin - Moments Lost In Time