*THIS IS NEVER COMING BACK IN TO STOCK* - This Is Synthwave - Metal Signature Collection Cassettes

Not going to say a lot about this one.

It's all the "This Is Synthwave" trilogy, each recorded from the masters, onto one of the greatest (and most expensive) cassettes ever made, the TDK MA-XG Type IV metal from 1986.

This Is Synthwave was recorded on a Nakamichi Dragon

This Is Synthwave 2 was recorded on a Nakamichi ZX-9

This Is Synthwave 3 was recorded on a Nakamichi CR-7

One copy only, with unique artwork and signed certificate from RMR CEO Tony Villa, who also recorded these on his personal decks.

So to summarise, 3 of the greatest modern Synthwave compilations, recorded on some of the greatest cassettes ever, done in some of the greatest decks ever.

First come, first served :-D