Villarosso - Twin Turbo - Signed - Cassette

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Villarosso - Twin Turbo

The debut album of RMRs founder, Tony "Villarosso" Villa.

Villa Rosso = Red see :-D

A compilation of all his tracks that have been released since 2018 all on one LP.

Featuring the vocal delights of Sandor Gavin, Chris Skillett and Megan McDuffee.

With the Blade Runner inspired "Tears In Rain" , the politician hating "Fires In Paradise" through the 90s dance of "Jack 'n' Move" and "Man On The Run" this is high octane synthpop of the highest order.

All copies are signed by the artist.

Track listing:

  1. Couldn't Sleep Last Night (feat. Sandor Gavin)
  2. Runaway (feat. Chris Skillett)
  3. Marathon
  4. Fires In Paradise 2021 (feat. Megan McDuffee)
  5. Jack And Move (feat. Nate J)
  6. Man On The Run (feat. Sandor Gavin)
  7. Lost Astronaut Falling
  8. Sleep
  9. Tears In Rain (feat. Megan McDuffee)

 Available as:

  • Single Speed Duplicated HQ cassette, duplicated on 3 head studio decks:
    • Type 1 / Normal - New Old Stock Socimag (BASF) MD cassettes - With Obi strip
    • Type 2 / High - Duplicator shells loaded with BASF Pro Chrome tape - With Obi Strip.
    • Type 4 / Metal Bias - New Old Stock Japanese Axia PS Metal - With Obi Strip.
    • Type 4 / Metal Bias - LIMITED - New Old Stock That's MR-X Pro (one of the best tapes ever) in an 80s style "puffer" case with metallic labels. Limited to 8 copies.